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When Estate Planning Becomes Basis Planning

Old conventional wisdom: Minimize estate and/or inheritance taxes by making lifetime transfers and taking appropriate steps to reduce the taxable value of transfers. New conventional wisdom for many “smaller” estates: Avoid lifetime transfers, especially of appreciated assets, and maximize asset values at death. Under the old tax regime, with a 40% federal estate tax and […]

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Video: Estate Planning after the 2013 Tax Relief Act – What to do Now

  Speaker: Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, JD, AEP This information is brought to you by The NAEPC Foundation and *** http://www.laweasy.com/v/20130313150510/estate-planning-after-the-2013-tax-relief-act—what-to-do-now

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Wealth Transfer Checklist

Planning for the distribution of a lifetime of accumulated wealth can be complicated. The process involves drafting and regularly updating your will and making the necessary trust arrangements. It requires understanding exactly what you own and how to transfer what you own (and in what manner) to family members or other beneficiaries. Here are some […]

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