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Ask an Estate Planner: The Future of Estate Taxes

DEAR ESTATE PLANNER: I heard that the federal estate tax might be repealed? —TAX TARGET DEAR TARGET: Probably not this year. True, the House of Representatives passed an outright repeal of the federal estate tax and the federal generation-skipping transfer tax earlier this year. The repeal would take effect upon enactment. The legislation preserves the […]

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Estate Planning for Business Owners

One big piece of news from that American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was that the vast majority of Americans have been permanently excused from worrying about federal estate taxes. The permanent $5 million estate tax exclusion, indexed for inflation ($5.34 million in 2014), should limit the impact of federal estate taxes to a few […]

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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

After the gifts have been opened and the thank-you notes have been sent, an early task for any newlywed couple ought to be to attend to their estate planning. For young couples, with little in the way of assets, estate planning might seem a remote concern. But it shouldn’t. The first order of business should […]

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