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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

After the gifts have been opened and the thank-you notes have been sent, an early task for any newlywed couple ought to be to attend to their estate planning. For young couples, with little in the way of assets, estate planning might seem a remote concern. But it shouldn’t. The first order of business should […]

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So You’re Going to be an Executor

An item in Barron’s a few years ago by Lauren Foster demonstrates that being a trustee may be harder than some people expect (“The Five Biggest Ways to Bungle a Trust,” May 21, 2011).  Foster’s observations are must reading for anyone who expects to be a trustee, or who has nominated a family member to […]

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Get Started on Estate Planning

Your estate is everything that you own. So, just as if you were called upon to fill out a personal balance sheet for a loan or mortgage, you need to prepare a similar document for your will planning. (In this context it’s called an estate estimator.) An estate estimator includes some items not typically included […]

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